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Leave Your Worries Behind with Crypton Fabric!

Crypton guarantees beautiful, easy-to-clean, odor-free fabric for the way we live, work, heal and play. Commonly used in the upholstery industry, it makes cleaning your furniture easier, especially if used in a home with pets or outdoor furniture.

Simply put, it makes life safer and cleaner; from the living room to the outdoor patio. Stain & spill-resistant to both water and oil-based stains, Crypton also offers the assurance of antimicrobial technology permanently bonded, for the life of the fabric.

Crypton Fabric is perfect for a family. When life gets messy, the last thing you want to think about is having to keep your furniture clean. Children will be jumping on it, art projects will be done by it, and you can’t enjoy a good movie without eating snacks.

Your pets will thank you too! Don’t let them miss out on the comfort of your new couch or the cuddles with the family because of the fear they might leave a mark. Crypton fabric is durable and won’t hold the stains of even the darkest of mud. Plus, if your pet stinks a little, the odor control will ensure they don’t leave a trace.

If you are an entertainer, bring the party to the living room! Serve coffee, red wine, or any cocktail knowing that if your guests spill, it won’t be a big deal. This will allow you to worry less and enjoy those around you more.

If you aren’t quite sold on Crypton fabric, visit Crypton Home Fabric online. They have a video explaining how easy it is to clean the stains. It’s as simple as: spray, brush, blot, rinse & wipe!

Our selection of Crypton Fabric at The Fabric Company, comes in a wide range of colors and patterns making it easy to find the perfect style for your home. Starting as low as $13 per yard, this makes it the perfect time to create a piece of furniture you know will stand the test of time (as well as children, pets, and parties). Shop our selection online or call (636) 530-0775 to book an appointment today!