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DIY Home Office

Are you looking to spruce up your home office? Let's kick-start creativity. The Fabric Company four quick DIYs to bring life and organization to your space.

DIY #7: Home Office Makeover 

Having a home office is essential for some workers. During these uncertain times, when everyone is staying indoors, it can be your sanctuary. If your office is a frightfully unorganized mess coupled with an uninspiring drab design, chances are your stress levels increase. You become less productive and uninspired. In this DIY, we are going to give you tips to update your office, so it's both functional, fashionable and makes you want to get to work. 

Option #1: Accent Wall 

Adding an accent wall to your office with wallpaper is a great way to bring more color into your surroundings. Whether you have an intricate pattern across the whole space or simple pops here and there, it can help bring a little life to the walls. At The Fabric Company, we have a vast selection of wallpaper styles for your accent wall. If you're looking for animal prints, geometric prints, peel-n-stick, vibrant or earthy prints, we have a pattern to make your accent wall pop.

Option #2: Update Your Storage 

If you're are looking to tackle a more modest project, update storage components! If you have built-in shelves, why not add some wallpaper to the back of them? This addition can be super easy and draw guests' eyes to all the books or decor on your shelves. Add character to drawer fronts by covering them with peel-n-stick wallpaper. Finish the look just for you by lining the bottom insides of the draws. Although most people won't see them, it's a great way to help you feel pretty and put together while sitting there.

Option #3: Add Some Pillows 

For most offices, there is at least 1 to 2 chairs. The second chair is usually more for decoration but serves a functional purpose still. If you don't already have a pillow in your second chair, why not make one? With our expansive range of fabrics at The Fabric Company, there are plenty of attractive pillows you can create to add character to the room. Having a pillow can make the chair feel more inviting to anyone who sees it.

Option #4: Add Fabric to Your Cork Board

Do you have an ugly corkboard filled with pictures, notes, and reminders? Cover it with fabric! Cover up that nasty cork background with a fun fabric. The pattern can match that new pillow you just made or something imaginative that inspires you. Either way, revamping your board is quick and inexpensive!

We hope some of these ideas bring a little creativity to your life during this time spent at home. Enjoy the process and enjoy your new office!