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DIY PPE Medical Gown Pattern

Medical Gown Pattern and Sewing Instructions

Fig 1

Fig. 1 Cut Body piece on the fold 57” by 22”. Cut sleeves (2). Top edge is the shoulder- 24”, the bottom edge is wrist -11” centered. Cut at an angle from shoulder to wrist on each side. For 44” wide fabric: cut body piece then open the fabric and cut sleeves separately for best use of fabric.

Fig 2

Fig. 2 Refold the gown body in the opposite direction! Open fabric 57” wide by 44” long, right side up. Fold outside edges toward the center front, right sides together.Sleeve opening (armscye): Measure 1” in from top corners on each side and mark. Measure down each side 11” and mark. Draw a line from mark to mark. You may curve the line as shown. Cut the sleeve.Neck opening: Measure 9” across the top center front and mark (4 ½” is the center mark of 9”). Measure 3” down and mark. Use a plate to draw the neck circle as shown. Cut out the neck.

Fig 3

Fig. 3 Lay gown out flat, right side up. Spread one armscye (armhole) completely open as shown.

Fig 4 Fig. 4 Lay one sleeve, shoulder edge to armscye (armhole), the right side of fabric down (right sides together). Ease the sleeve into the armscye (armhole), pin and sew. It may pucker a little in the underarm area. Repeat on the other sleeve.

Not shown: Zig zag all exposed edges- wrists, hem and both center back edges.

Fig 5

Fig. 5 Refold gown inside out, right sides together. Pin sleeves from wrist to neck. Secure a few stitches at the wrist, skip 2”, secure a few stitches more and continue sewing across sleeve and shoulder to neck. This creates a thumb hole for ease of putting gloves on.

Fig 6

Fig. 6 Turn gown right side out. Sew 55” bias tape into neck: fold the tape in half and pin at center front neck for placement. Sew 90” waist tie 15” down from the center front neck. Fold tie in half, place centered at the waist and sew a few inches as shown to secure in place. Finished!

* Check requirements from the facility to which you are donating.