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DIY: How To Make A PPE Face Mask

Let's get sewing face mask! During a time of such uncertainty, we must come together (apart) and join the effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve.

We invite you to join the movement: St. Louis Million Mask Drive and get sewing.

Materials Needed: Two pieces of 9" x 6" cotton fabric One piece of 9" x 6" lining fabric Two elastic straps measuring 7 inches or cut four 14" x 1/2" pieces of fabric for tie straps

Fabric: We have tightly woven 100% cotton fabrics selected precisely for creating a face mask at If you have any questions about selecting materials, please contact us at (636) 530-0775.

Step #1: Cut and Align the Fabrics Cut 9" x 6" rectangles from each of your fabrics. Take the decorative material and place it on top of the lining fabric. Mark 0.6 inches from the top and bottom corners on each 6" side.

Step #2: Add the Elastic Straps Place the end of a piece of elastic on the 0.6 in mark and stick a pin in it. Loop it around to the bottom of that 6" side and pin the elastic there, too. Repeat this on the other side, and make sure the elastic does not twist.

Step #3: Add the Other Fabric Take the other piece of cotton fabric (non-decorative) and place it on top of the other two materials and straps. The decorative fabric and elastic should now be covered. Pin the fabric on top and bottom to hold it in place. Then sew it together in a square around the edges. Leave a little gap on one end to flip the fabric inside out.

Step #4: Cut the Corners & Flip Once it is all sewn together, cut off the corners. Be sure not to cut any of the stitching. Then stick your fingers inside the fabric and pull out the decorative side. Using a long pointed object, stick it inside to smooth out the mask, so all the material is flat again with the decorative side and straps facing out.

Step #5: Iron the Mask Iron and flatten the material.

Step #6: Fan Fold the Sides Take the shorter ends with the straps and fold them twice in fan fashion. Pin them and then do this to the other side as well. The fabric should now measure 2.5 inches.

Step #7: Wear the Mask Place the straps around your ears and adjust the mask. It should cover your nose down to your chin. Stay safe and enjoy sewing.

If you would like to donate masks or see more patterns, please see St. Louis One Million Mask Drive's Facebook page.