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Energy Efficient Interior Design Ideas

Saving money on your power bill doesn't necessarily take expensive gadgets or lifestyle changes. Sometimes a simple design change can make all the difference. Energy efficient design is design that holds the intention of reducing energy consumption.

energy efficientUse paint color to manipulate your home into being warmer or cooler. Lighter colors, like white, grey, and beige, tend to reflect heat and keep the house cooler. On the other hand, darker colors like red and brown absorb heat to make the house warmer without the thermostat.

Switch your regular light bulbs with LED light bulbs. Similarly, install ceiling fans with built in lighting. You can also use window treatments to save on energy. Sheers look great, but they still are able to let sunlight and heat inside, thus heating your home more than denser curtains would.

Arrange your furniture with circulation in mind. Try to avoid blocking vents with furniture in the summer. However, in the winter, skirts and high backed furniture can reduce chilly drafts. Additionally, carpets and rugs can trap heat, so think about using them sparingly or seasonally.

If you're planning a home renovation, think about updating appliances. Look for an energy star rating for fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom. Cool roofs are another way to be more energy efficient by reflecting sunlight to cool the surface.

How do you save energy in your home?

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