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Personalize Your Kitchen With a DIY Backsplash

Looking to add a pop of something in your kitchen? DIY a backsplash! Whether your style is more brick and stone  traditional or bright and expressive, there are dozens of ways to personalize this space.

diy backsplashBold square or rectangle tiles are probably what you think of first when you picture a backsplash. Tiles give you freedom to choose the right colors for your kitchen, in addition to the design. Whether simple black and white subway tile, a blue and white sunburst pattern, or a rainbow collage, design your own. Mosaic tile is easy and quick to install on a Saturday, and grout to finish on Sunday!

Think about the type of material you would like to use, in addition to how much you'll need. Ceramic tiles may be the most common, but you can also use other, perhaps less permanent, materials that yield the same result! Found items, like bottlecaps, coasters, or smooth stones can create a cool, novelty backsplash that is also unique to you.

Remember to prep the wall area before you begin the project. Clean any grease splatters, wipe away any stains, tape off counter tops, and remove electrical plate covers. The area between the stove and the vent hood is likely the largest space you'll be covering, so start there. This is also probably the part that will be the most visible or noticeable.

You can also fit colored glass in the space. Or, wallpaper the space and fit clear glass over it. Vinyl wallpaper is another cost-effective option. in addition to vinyl sheets that stick directly on the wall. Simply painting over your existing backsplash is perhaps the simplest way to add a pop. Beadboard, peel and stick tile, or faux brick can also make a big impact and is fairly easy to install.

Will you try a backsplash in your kitchen?

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