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10 Classy Ways to Add Country Charm to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the one room in your home that probably gets some of the most use. If you spend so much of your time there, you likely want to enjoy it, and adding a little homey, country charm is easy!

1. If you're starting from scratch, adding beadboard, wainscoting, or paneling to the walls creates lovely cottage charm. Trims and crown molding can also add character - scallops or straight edges with corner details both add the little intricacies!

2. Gingham seat cushions add a little luxury to slatted back wooden chairs. Window seats and breakfast nooks can also establish more cozy, classic country charm with a couple pillows. Create a bright sitting area in front of a big bay window - shelves beneath a window seat can also double as storage for cookbooks and classic novels!

3. Roman blinds and short curtains let you control the light that comes in and goes out. Rustic light fixtures, like mason jar votives or tin patina fixtures also add an easy farmhouse feel. Turn an outdoor lantern into a cool vintage light fixture above the table or counter, or plain white blinds that peek out from behind red and white checked curtains can be just the thing that makes a difference.

4. Mix rustic textures and cottage accents with vintage pieces. Reclaimed wood counter tops or an exposed brick wall incorporate organic forms and natural texture. Little accessories and symbols, like roosters, can introduce a theme to a room, as well as carry it throughout. Give old pieces new life.

5. Choose a soft color palette. A color scheme can be the base of a room, so create a simple country cottage feel with floral, paisley, gingham, and stripe patterns. Or, opt for a neutral base with bright kitchenware as a pop of color.

6. Open shelving or glass-front cabinets display pots and pans, cookware and tableware and also adds visual interest. Fill glass jars on counters or window sills with sugar, flour, cookies, and trail mix to achieve that comfortable, homey feel that kitchens seem to always have.

7. Don't forget about wallpaper and wallpaper borders! From faux brick and plaid to toile and novelty newspaper patterns, you can either go classic or crazy! It's easy to add a little or a lot of country charm to your kitchen, especially with a cute sunflower border that makes a kitchen feel like a homey summertime cottage.

8. Take a cue from Joanna Gaines and introduce shiplap. Keep it natural or paint it white to complement kitchen cabinets. A little subtle natural texture adds instant character to any room, and can also be a fun home improvement project or a conversation piece.

9. Replace generic fixtures! Ditch the shiny gold doorknobs and hinges that came with the place and find vintage hardware with character to further bring charm and value to your home.

10. Lastly, fresh flowers in a big mason jar or antique silver bucket can add bright color to any kitchen! Find vintage pieces, like a cool clock or wall sconce, and make them a focus.

How do you add rustic country cottage charm to your kitchen?

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