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The Best Furniture for a Low Ceiling

Looking to add something to your living room but the ceiling seems to be the limit? Don't let furniture get lost, check out these tips that go high when everything is low!

Keep it clean with white walls, ceilings, and furniture to make a room light and airy. Introduce accents in a rich color like fuchsia, navy blue, or burgundy to add warmth. If the walls are already a cozy neutral grayish blue, bring it up to the ceiling to envelop the room even more. Blur the lines of where the walls end and the ceiling starts by painting them the same color.

Play up low ceilings with paneling or beadboard for a more old-fashioned, cottage look. Or, make it modern with rustic wood paneling on the ceiling, door, and bathroom vanity. Expose the structure of the room. Give the ceiling a glossy finish or go a step further and hang a mirror from above. A full length one on a wall is another great way to fake space.

Keep furniture low to visually add height. Pick sofa sets and coffee tables that are both short and wide. Take shelving up the wall - not only does it create open storage, it steers the eye up and is easy to display books, art, and cool antique store finds. If a fireplace is the focal point, take the finish on the face all the way up to create the illusion of something grand.

If you are incorporating window treatments, keep it simple. Elongate a room with vertical bold or pattern striped drapes that draw the eye upwards. A simple geometric design or a Greek key at the top can also achieve the same lengthening effect. Start curtains at the ceiling and let them fall down the floor, or puddle them for an especially elegant look.

Try to incorporate lighting that goes both up and down. Bounce light off the ceiling by "uplighting" with sconces or cove lighting. For more headroom (or the appearance of it) keep lighting flush with the ceiling. Use tall windows and long stretches of glass to your advantage. Raise doors to ceiling height to create the appearance of generous space, or utilize transoms above doors and windows to bring in more light.

Focus on the length of the room with a bold wallpaper. A painted diagonal line can mimic a staircase in leading the eye upward. Hang artwork slightly higher than normal, or hang smaller frames above doors and windows. If you can't bring attention up, keep the interest at floor level with a bold area rug.

How do you take advantage of vertically challenged ceilings in your home?

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