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Stylish Remodeling Ideas for Your Guest Room

Does your guest room need a makeover? Expecting visitors in the coming months? If you're not sure where to start, check out these ideas!

When remodeling a guest room, think about the floor and the walls. Light colors tend to make rooms appear bigger than they are, and a light-colored ceiling can also add height. Revitalize a room with a coordinated color scheme - a monochromatic theme creates an elegant and calming space in addition to being crisp and clean.

Appropriate and ample lighting can also make a room feel larger. A chandelier hung from a high ceiling adds light and length to a room. Or, recessed lighting in the ceiling creates spaciousness. If there is a window, avoid heavy draperies in favor of pull down shades or opt for light sheers. Use black out lining to keep guests from being woken as the sun comes up. Wall sconces near a dresser or nightstand bring light to a dressing area or bedside. A tray of candles on the dresser or side table also completes the ambiance.

Mirrors are another great way to create the illusion of more space. Dressers and end tables that have mirrors on the tops, fronts, and sides help reflect light, and a mirror behind the bed draws attention to the focal point. If you have the space, include a seating area with a small chair and side table.

Consider access to the bathroom from the designated guest room. If you're lucky enough to have a bath, half bath, or the budget to add one, be sure to stock it with fresh towels and travel toiletries. Hotel robes are also always a favorite for overnight trips. Provide extra hangers and storage space, leave a complimentary basket of fruit and snacks, and brighten up the room with flowers.

Make sure guests are able to control the temperature of the room in addition to the lighting. A good way to prepare a guest bed is with nice cotton sheets, a cotton coverlet, and a down duvet. Lay a welcome blanket across the bed. Take cues from the welcoming feel of a hotel with convenient places to charge electronics, low maintenance nightstands that won't show rings from water glasses, and a television for relaxing.

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