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Party Planning Guide: The Perfect New Years Day Brunch

Now that the holidays are almost over, it's time to start thinking about the new year! Maybe your resolution is to cook more, or host more parties, or eat healthier. Instead of playing into the hype of the night before, why not plan a brunch party for the next day? There are tons of fun ways to relax and ring in 2017 without sacrificing sleep for celebration.

As cliche as it may sound, turn New Years' resolutions into a game! Try to match the resolution to the guest, or throw strips of paper into a fire like confetti. Resolutions can make great conversation topics, be silly or serious, and keep you and your closest friends accountable for the next twelve months!

What's a New Years party without champagne? Pick up some orange juice and doughnuts to scatter around. Coffee with cream and sugar, soda and water are great options to have alongside your mimosas.

Make casseroles the night before to warm up in the oven or throw something in a crock-pot to cook overnight. Pick up a coffeecake or muffins from the store to make serving even more effortless. Or, simply be the host of a potluck brunch where everyone brings a dish to share.

Party stores this time of year are fully stocked with streamers, fun shades, and a plethora of 2017-themed knick knacks, so stop by for some cute table toppers and party favors. It's hard to see fireworks in daylight, but little poppers can still be fun to toss on the driveway, especially for younger kids tagging along.

Whether you're opting for a set time frame to host your brunch or going for a casual open house vibe, welcome guests into your home with a variety of refreshments. Play fun music, tie some balloons to the mailbox, and enjoy starting the year on the right foot.

How are you planning to ring in the New Year?

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