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Tips for Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathroom window treatments can be tricky. From choosing which fabric will resist humidity and high traffic to blocking out or letting in light, check out these tips to dress up your bathroom windows!

bathroomConsider your priority and end goal first. Do you want privacy more than light, or are you after style? Keep the location of the window in mind as well. If it's near a shower or tub, choose moisture-resistant fabrics or materials that won't wrinkle or warp over time.

Woven wood shades work especially well in rooms with a casual and contemporary feel. The natural looks adds a layer of textural and visual interest: light can softly be diffused and privacy can still be maintained. Faux wood blinds are versatile, giving the appearance of real wood for a classic and elegant look that complements the quality of a small space. Vinyl shutters also look clean and traditional and won't crackle like wood.  For extra flowy interest, tuck crisp shades or blinds behind simple sheer curtains.

Traditional Roman shades are practical, functional, and make a statement, while cafe curtains give a little bit of privacy and also allow natural light to shine through. Tie them in the middle to create an x-shape for a classic look. Keep in mind that cafe curtains are typically created with lighter weight fabrics, so you'll only get modest privacy.  Curtain toppers, like valances and shirred or balloon shades, are a pretty addition that won't overwhelm a room if privacy isn't an issue.

Remember that bathrooms get humid from constant moisure, so window treatments should be easy to clean. Choose weather resistant fabrics (like Sunbrella) for lined curtains, or sheer fabrics like voiles, laces, and polyesters for lighter curtains. The fabric you choose should be able to withstand high humidity. It's best to avoid floor length drapes in high traffic bathrooms, but velvets can look elegant in lesser used guest bathrooms.

If the room allows, get creative with patterns and colors! Choose color based on how treatments complement decor; either by receding into the bathroom or standing out. Remember that bright colors can fade over time if in direct sunlight, and that neutrals hide normal wear and tear.

You can also consider frosting smaller windows for an alternative to curtains or blinds. Get creative and spray stripes or other patterns on your window. Alternatively, a folding screen in front of a window creates a wall for privacy, and is also easily adjustable and transportable.

How do you treat big and small windows in your bathrooms?

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