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How To Quickly Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests

With the holiday season in full swing, take a step back and look at your home through the eyes of your in-laws. If the thought of hosting out-of-towners for the holidays sends you into a spiral, check out these last minute tips to save the stress of the season a little!

holidaysStraighten up your entrance, because it's the first thing guests will see. Vacuum, dust, and sweep the front porch of leaves and sticks and muddy shoes. If weather is on the way. clear driveways and walkways to prevent slips and falls. Find a cheery door mat to further welcome your guests home for the holidays.

Do a sweep through the house to clean and pick up any stray belongings. Scatter some scented candles around the house. Room spray is another easy and harmless way to freshen up a space. Foyers, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and even kitchens can always benefit from a little lavender or festive pine and cranberry, plus it adds atmosphere and ambiance!

Tidy up the guest bedroom. Provide fresh sheets, and empty drawers or a closet to let visitors unpack. Create a "guest tray" with bottled water, magazines, a phone charger, potpourri, matches, or other treats. Make the holidays feel like a home away from home, so be sure lamps have replacement light bulbs and bring in some fresh cut flowers!

Find a comfortable temperature to keep the thermostat. Stash extra blankets in the closet, on a chair, or at the foot of the bed. It's a good idea to keep a fan on hand in the closet too.

Don't forget to also stock the guest bathroom with extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other toiletries! Provide fresh towels and a place to hang them, as well as extras under the sink or in the bedroom. Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper, and keep a first aid kit with plenty of band aids around!

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